The Natural Mattress Makers

Handmade to Order

Discover why a Beds By Design mattress is more than just a bed. It’s the first step to a better, healthier way of living. Sleep is a necessity,  a foundation of life.  You sleep so your mind and body can rest, heal and strengthen to propel you through your busy life.

Our Beds By Design mattress is custom made per your needs. You decide the support and comfort level your body requires. We will lovingly create for you an heirloom quality mattress that we guarantee for life! 

  • Cottage & Home
  • Antique Beds
  • Hospitality
  • RV
  • Yacht
  • Airplane

Natural Fibers – Heirloom Quality

  • Cotton
  • Natural Latex
  • Wool
  • Steel Springs

We Create the Finest Mattresses in the United States!

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We Proudly Serve and Deliver our Beds by Designs to all Cities and States in the United States, along with Destinations Internationally, from Coast to Coast.
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